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Upcoming Auctions

Please check back for future auction dates.
Auction Rules
All auctions are conducted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the New Jersey lien law. In addition, all auction attendees entering the property to attend the auction must sign in with the facility manager. No children under the age of 16 are allowed at our auctions.

No warranties and/or guarantees are expressed or implied. Buyers must inspect each lot and bid according to their own judgement. At the time the unit going for auction has the door opened, you may not enter the unit. Only visual inspections are allowed. Please remember to bring a flashlight.

If you win the bid on the unit, a cleaning deposit of $100.00 in cash is required. This deposit will be returned when the unit is empty and clean. You are responsible to lock the unit, so bring your own lock as we do not provide them after the lock is cut.

The facility owner reserves the right to cancel any bid considered unreasonable. He also reserves the right to cancel the auction for any cause.

Immediately following the auction, buyers will go directly to the office and pay for the purchased unit in cash only. The facility owner will provide a receipt for unit(s) purchased. You will have 24 hours to remove the items from the unit. Arrangements can be made for additional time for a fee.
Contact our storage facility in West Collingswood Heights, New Jersey, for more information about our auctions.